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 the story so far....

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 " my photography is all about the light, the darkness, and the silence... and sometimes,

only sometimes, something of these

elements remain "

 For the last twenty years I have had my photography business here in Yorkshire, creating images of its wild and wonderful landscapes, taking environmental portraits of some of its most intriguing characters, and being fortunate to capture some of the counties finest weddings

The first twenty years of my working life were quite different, traveling the world as a personal assistant and stage

manager to various artists in the music industry. However,  

with a growing dislike for living out of a suitcase

I decided to pursue my love of photography by enrolling on  

a photographic course at Harrogate School of Art.

After two years at Harrogate, I continued my journey into education by gaining a place at the renowned Blackpool college of photography.   I studied for an HND and a BA Hons in Design & Photography.  For my degree, I specialised in creating fine art black and white photographs.  Taking most of my inspiration from painters rather than other photographers, observing how various artists have handled light and composition through the ages, I was inspired to build up a strong body of work.  This not only gained me my degree, but it also earned me an Associateship with the British Institute of Professional Photographers.

Since leaving college in '97 I have settled back in my home city of York, where my photography has gone from strength to strength winning seven International Gold Awards, I have also been named the BIPP Yorkshire Architectural Photographer of the year and the BIPP Industrial Photographer of the year for my images that seem to possess a timeless quality.

                                                       stephen james drury


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